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  1. Reed Lover Boy Organic Tee
  2. Pink stripe flutter trim buttons girl bubble
  3. Set of 4 Girly Bloomers
  4. Stripes and Bows Cotton romper / pastel plaid for girls 6-12 months
  5. Baby & toddler quilted jacket / corduroy in the color Chocolate
  6. Tan Summer Waffle Toddler Shorts
  7. Daisy Pop Taffy / Organic Bay Jumpsuit
  8. Ruby Sundae Checkerboard / Organic Phoenix Overall (Fits 18-24 months)
  9. Ivy Rosy / Organic Smocked Set
  10. Sorbet Checkerboard / Organic Peplum Set
  11. Dodger dogs embroidery one piece
  12. Ivy Floral Embroidered Bubble Baby Romper (Organic Cotton)